About Me

Paddling enthusiast with over 30 years experience in kayaking in Atlantic Canada's lakes, rivers and coastal waters. 


Offering by appointment, to bring Stellar Kayaks or Surf Skis to a water location that is convenient for clients to test paddle and gain insight into the brand prior to making a composite kayak or surf ski purchase. 

Stocking the following products:

  • Stellar composite light weight Performance Touring Kayaks and Surf Skis.
  • Stellar Touring and Wing Style Paddles
  • Vaikobi Race PFD's and Ocean Performance Wear

Payment options:

  • Bank Draft
  • Bank Electronic Transfer
  • Cash


I started paddling in the 80's with British Expedition style composite sea kayaks but also sought out options to involve others with specific kayaks for Kids and Tandem Kayaks for Family.

The ease of transport is a big factor with all styles of paddling thus finding a brand that emphasizes lighter weights is a must. Developing an interest in fitness paddling with a focus on improving paddling style led me to the Stellar brand with their efficient hull designs and construction which provides both performance and lighter weights.

Over the years, I have been involved in the sport, although composite boats were more the standard in the beginning it has become more difficult to find any amount of composite selection at the retail level in recent years in my region as the market has been dominated by cheaper materials and driven by price point.

I believe there is a need in the Maritime region for a specialist in a brand of composite boats like Stellar that can carry a wideselection of their product line or be able to access specific models or colors for clients in a timely fashion.

The Stellar line of boats will appeal to serious racers as well as to those looking for an efficient boat to paddle at a weight that makes it easier to go paddling.